Make a lasting impression buy ensuring their first impression is positive.

Street Appeal - Making a Great First Impression

A great deal of attention is placed on the interior of a home when it comes to home staging. But think of the first thing a buyer will see as they drive up your street searching for your address. Will what they see get them excited about the tour? Or will they be tempted to drive by and cancel the appointment? I know quite a few buyers who have driven away from great properties due to poor street appeal.

There's a lot more to street appeal than cutting the grass. Some studies show that landscaping can increase the value of a home by as much as 20%. Other feature enhancers, such as lighting and paint, can add value and appeal.

I thought I'd share this handy checklist of things will help change the sign on the lawn to “Sold!”

  • 1. Manicure the yard.

  • 2. Clean the windows, doors, and front entry.

  • 3. Plant flowers-tastefully, and abundantly!

  • 4. Pressure clean the exterior.

  • 5. Enhance and beautify with lighting

  • 6. Reseal the driveways.

  • 7. Paint your house.

  • 8. Focus on the front door.

  • 9. Don't forget the blinds and shutters.

I also recommend that you pay particular interest to your neighbouring properties and their street appeal, afterall your neighbours come with the house. If you have a neighbour going away on holiday when you're selling, offer to mow and maintain their front yard for them, brings their garbage bins in, etc. If you have a Telstra phone box nearby with graffitti on it, give Telstra a call and ask them to paint it. If you live next to a playground, go over in the morning and pick up any rubbish - families looking at your property are likely to be interested in the playground, make sure it's a positive experience.

Also consider buyers moving to Maitland from another area, the street appeal of your property (and neighbouring area) is one of the key criteria they will use to decide if they like the location of your home.

While many of these ideas seem simple, they can literally mean the difference between your property selling or not selling. Get it wrong and you may never receive an offer. Get it right and you increase the likelihood buyers will be interested in your home.

troy white: maitland real estate agent
Troy White
Principal & Licensed Real Estate Agent